30 to MARS

The 30 to MARS digital companion app is a free tool designed for use with 30 to MARS: The Board Game.

Project Description

Attention Marsonauts!  Welcome to NASHA’s 30-to Mars space program – the first 30 day one-way flight to Mars in the history of mankind. Your route was meticulously planned and our patented Next-Gen Ion Thrusters combined with Solar Sails will make sure this spacecraft reaches its destination one way or another.

But be warned, space is a cruel mistress to even the luckiest of marsonauts. Anything can happen out there. That’s where your individual wits and training come in. We are convinced that there is nothing your team can’t handle. But just to make sure – please refer to your Daily Routine Planner (last page of the manual) which will brief you on the best way to handle your mission. Godspeed! Earth out.

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