Digital insurance is not an option. It’s a necessity.
Wisercat helps insurance organizations go digital by developing customized solutions for them to keep up with the rapidly changing times
Why Digital Insurance?

The insurance companies of today have a chance of killing two birds with one stone – generating customer satisfaction and generating profits - by implementing innovative technologies.

Quick industry facts
of consumers say that, for the future, web-based communication channels will be the most important means of interacting with insurance companies
of US consumers would be prepared to provide their insurer with additional personal and lifestyle information to enable them to seek the best deal for relevant services on their behalf
of respondents believe the pandemic uncovered shortcomings in their company’s digital capabilities and transformation plans
54% vs 20%
Operational efficiency
71% vs 35%
Customer experience
Digital insurance companies in the sector perform at least twice better.
In 2020 50% of policies in the UK were bought online
of consumers are willing to get AI-based insurance advice
of consumers continue insurer relationships based on the quality of the experience
The impact of digital insurance can be summarized in four benefits
  • Efficient
    All facets of insurance operations are optimized for speed by means of machine learning, live chat, digital assistants, etc.
  • Agile
    The foundation that is being laid by AI, ML, blockchain data, data analytics, and predictive analytics will help insurers grow and adjust with new insurance technologies and capabilities
  • Personalized
    AI and ML create a seamless personalized experience for customers and brokers alike
  • Scalable
    Insurers can offer service everywhere and collect valuable data from customers much easier. Digital technologies help brokers and insurers make more accurate decisions on underwriting, policies, new product offerings, etc.
Why Wisercat?

We build customized solutions for insurers powered by the intelligence of AI, ML, and predictive analytics. Our digital solutions help insurers create the features, functionalities, and applications they need to stay competitive in this market.

Our digital transformation services focus on three areas
  • Business automation
  • Data analytics
  • Mobile transformation
What business aspects can be digitalized with Wisercat
Marketing, Sales and Distribution Re-insurance
Policy Underwriting and Service Operations Corporate Services
Claims Management & Service Operations Regulatory and Compliance
Wisercat can pitch in at any point of your journey toward the digitization of your insurance operations
Business & System analysis Development
Support and maintenance Quality assurance
Proof of concept Deployment
Wondering whether Wisercat is the right provider for you? Consider this:
  • Experience
    Partner with a company that has gathered experience through over 100 projects since 2009
  • Consistency
    Draw on the same people throughout your project thanks to our employee turnover rate that’s below 3%
  • Resources
    Get a team of top guns handpicked for your project from more than 90 IT professionals
  • Reliability
    Follow suit with organizations that have been relying on us for more than 10 years
  • Compliance
    Enjoy peace of mind as we are helping you comply with policies like GDPR, HIPAA and others
  • Credibility
    Entrust your insurance to the company that European governments have relied upon for critical projects
Improving your economic activities with the right insurance software development company is all about paying less and gaining more over time
  • Lower expenses
    Find out which operations cost you because of hidden waste and fix or ditch them
  • Smart prioritization
    Put your organization’s money in operations that yield the highest profits
  • Predictability
    Run repetitive processes in the most consistent way, know what outputs to expect and get accurate forecasts
  • Informed decisions
    Let comprehensive data drive your insurance decision-making instead of running on gut feelings
  • Transparency
    Analyze your operations down to the smallest detail through their digital trails
  • Risk reduction
    Highlight hidden dangers in your clients’ insurance profiles and prevent potentially risky steps
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