Banks & Fintech

Implementing digital

technologies in banking

is crucial for business survival

Finance Industry is changing. And these changes are fast. People and organizations want to get more. More convenient, more cost-effective services. The technology wave challenges the survival of traditional banking and financial industry. And it is a question of time will you ride this wave, or will you be washed away by it.

To face this challenge, you’ll need tools and you’ll need a partner, who has experience in handling complex fintech business transformation. We can provide both, as we develop these tools and have experience in the fintech field in implementing innovative IT solutions.

Wisercat is a provider of Customized Solutions for Financial and Banking Industries.

Wisercat is ready to help you with:

Fintech Software Development

Our team of experts understand customers’ needs and expectations. We develop the tailored solutions that allow our customers to minimize their risks, cut their costs and maintain their leading roles in financial sector.

Wisercat is experienced in projects with:

  • Financial fraud management system;
  • Documents management and automation;
  • CRM for banks and financial organizations;
  • Wealth and asset management solutions;
  • Payment solutions for organizations and customers;
  • Billing and accounting systems;
  • PSD2-compliant APIs.

Mobile App Development

We develop mobile applications for all platforms and mobile devices. Our mobile applications have high ratings in stores and brings high business value.

Wisercat is experienced in projects with:

  • Digital banking;
  • Money management systems;
  • Tax-preparation programs;
  • Online trading and exchange platforms;
  • Customer loyalty systems;
  • Credit Scoring applications.

Data analysis and data management

Data collected from various sources can be further processed and analyzed, either to build predictive models or to track the sophisticated statistics. Such information can be vitally important for the business.

Wisercat is experienced in projects with:

  • Big data;
  • AI-based data analysis;
  • Data visualization and reporting;
  • Data analytics;
  • Forecasting.

Blockchain Development

We develop and deliver scalable blockchain-enabled fintech applications that will bring transparency across your financial ecosystem while ensuring security.