Alfresco ECM

The Alfresco platform allows organizations to fully manage any type of content from simple office documents to scanned images, photographs, engineering drawings, and even large video files.

Alfresco is the open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that provides document management, record management, process automation and enterprise collaboration features and is available in the cloud, on-premise or as the embedded repository.

Alfresco advantages:

  • Alfresco provides a Community edition that is free to use
  • Alfresco is a pure Java solution and is OS independent
  • Alfresco is designed and developed using the latest innovative ECM techniques and standards (CMIS, JSR, Activity, etc.)

Our technical specialists are certified Alfresco engineers (ACE) and have solid skills and vast expertise in developing enterprise ECM solutions of various complexities with Alfresco in many various business areas.

Our Services

Custom development
Alfresco Share development and customizations
Alfresco repository development
Integration to onsite systems and mobile solutions including also VSTO, Lotus Expeditor, .NET, C++, Objective-C, etc.
Installation, maintenance, operational support for Alfresco solutions
ECM consultancy, requirement analysis, project management

Our project references